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Spending Smart at 6 and 60 – Sammy’s Gold Karat Tip #1

Hello to All My Friends!

The next few months I am going to share some tips with you on how to “spend smart.” I like spending money almost as much as I like saving money to build my future. I like spending money almost as much as I like saving money so I am prepared for emergencies and to make dreams come true. How about you?

Sammy’s Gold Karat Spend Smart Tip #1: when you choose to spend, never, ever, spend more than you have. Do not do it when you are six or sixty!

One good way to not spend more than you have is to break down each dollar you earn or receive and separate it into categories.

Here is an example:

Sample Spending Plan

Saving                   10 cents

Giving                   10 cents

Investing                10 cents

Smart Spending   70 cents

Total                     $1.00

Notice, my plan is to never, ever spend more than seventy cents of every dollar I earn or receive. Why? It is simple. As much as I like to spend, building my future and giving are more important to me than spending everything I have. I think spending seven dimes or less out of every ten dimes I earn or receive is smart. What do you think?  What do your parents think?

Always spend less than you have! I know you can do it. Now, go get to it!

Your friend,

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Welcome to the PFCU and YOU blog!

75 Years of Service

Welcome to PFCU and You, Pasadena Federal Credit Union’s new blog, designed to connect you with a wide range of resources and information about PFCU’s commitment to your financial future, to building our community and to financial literacy.

PFCU and You will enable us to keep you informed of new services, alert you to fraudulent activities in the community that could impact you, and tap into the expertise of our staff and some of our affiliates to make you a more informed consumer who is better able to meet the challenges of the complex world of personal finance.  We hope you will check in with us often to be proactive about managing your money.  By doing so, you will gain peace of mind and confidence in your ability to make sound choices.

It’s no accident that PFCU is in the midst of a year-long 75th Anniversary celebration.  PFCU has been standing strong as a safe and secure place to save and borrow since 1935 due to our relationship with members like you.  This blog is a way of strengthening that relationship and strengthening you, our member, as well.  When you stand strong, so do we.

At Pasadena Federal credit Union we don’t think of you as our “customer”.  PFCU is you!  We are made up of the member-owners who founded and sustain us.  The more you become an active participant in your financial future, the better the results.  PFCU is here to help.  Enjoy PFCU and You and check back often!