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Pasadena is Art, Inside and Out!

Convergence by Jon Seeman to be displayed at Washington and Glen, traffic island

We often like to say that PFCU is Another Reason to Love Pasadena.  Many of our members agree!  That phrase works, of course, because there are so many reasons to love our city.  Blessed with some one of the most beautiful geographical locales on earth, the city starts off with some stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains and lush vegetation.  Then a lot of brilliant architectural visionaries have added some amazing buildings, many of which are depicted in our 75th Anniversary mural Building Pasadena by Art Center College of Design alumnus Jerry Ortega.  Add to that a number of wonderful museums, and an art aficionado could stay busy indefinitely trying to take it all in.

Now, our members and their colleagues in the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division are taking some of that artistic vision to the streets by introducing the work of local, regional and national  artists to Pasadena’s great outdoors.  On September 1, 2011, four colorful, vibrant and unique  works of art will be installed at various locations around the city as part of its new Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program.   Five more will be in place by the end of the year.  The exhibitions activate unusual locations such as traffic islands and medians, transforming small, often unnoticed areas into exciting and stimulating destinations for visitors and residents.

Lt Mustardseed's Timeless Joy, to be displayed at Washington and Marengo, SW corner


The first four works of art are pictured here, with more to come.

The nine locations host a changing display of artworks that are kinetic, interactive, and have multi-sensory sound and lighting components.  Come discover the urban outdoor gallery  that boasts a broad range of forms, subjects, styles and color schemes–artworks made of bronze, aluminum and resin.


Community participation is an essential component of the program. The Cultural Affairs Division invited the community to a series of meetings to help launch the program.  Participants were informed about specific locations for artwork and encouraged to spread the word.

Ongoing community participation is ensured by including residents and stakeholders in the periodic artwork selection processes.  To confirm representation from every part of the City, Council members nominate community representatives from their respective districts who, along with public art professionals, vote for artworks for placement at each of nine sites.

Handstand by Daniel Stern to be displayed at Sunset and Mountain, NW corner

In addition to these nine, new locations to experience public art, eight 30-60 minute Public Art Walking Tours are available in Downtown and Old Pasadena which allow you to enjoy the variety, diversity and breadth of what Pasadena public art has to offer.

Diversity by Cecilia Lueza to be displayed at Sierra Madre at New York, Traffic median east of intersection

To learn more about the artists and artworks currently on exhibition, to view maps and bus routes of the artwork locations, and to see more public art in Pasadena, please visit the website or call the Cultural Affairs Division at 626-744-7062.

Now you have another reason to love Pasadena!

Arroyo Time Bank: People Helping People

Time is money
Time can be a valuable currency

The credit union motto is “People Helping People” and that’s what our new community partner, Arroyo Time Bank is all about.  Learn more in this informative Guest Blog:

What is Time Banking?

At its most basic level, time banking is simply about building community one hour at a time by doing something for someone else in the community. That hour is recorded in the time bank, then you get an hour to spend on having someone help you. It’s a simple idea, but it has powerful ripple effects in building community connections. Have you ever wished you had someone to help you get something done during your day? In a Time Banking community, your neighbors help you get it done.

Our Relationship with Money and PCFU

Pasadena Federal Credit Union (PCFU) and the Arroyo Time Bank (ATB) both value community and work to strengthen the community as a whole, which is why we chose Pasadena Federal Credit Union as our financial institution. 

    Currency, at its most basic level, is a medium of exchange, a way to get things or get things done. As such, using time as a currency is complementary to what you do with your regular currency (U.S. dollars). Instead of banking on the gold standard, time banking uses the “friendship standard” to create an alternative currency. Your investment in your relationships creates your earning and spending capacity.

As a banking institution, PFCU supports and builds the community through community oriented lending practices and community service. A time bank like ATB builds one-on-one relationships in the community through reciprocity. This reciprocity is tracked through the earning and spending of time credits. 

Time banking is not intended to replace money. It is intended to build community, providing a safety net of friendship for us all.

Five Core Values

There are five core values in time banking. First, we are all assets. We believe that every human being has something to contribute.

Second is redefining work, the concept that some work is beyond price; valuing whatever it takes to raise healthy children, advance social justice, and make the planet sustainable. That kind of work needs to be honored, recorded, and rewarded.

Third is reciprocity. Helping works better as a two-way street. We can help each other build the world we both will live in.

Fourth is building social networks. We need each other. Networks are stronger than individuals. People helping each other reweave communities of support, strength and trust.

Fifth is respect. Every human being matters. Respect underlies freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and everything we value. Respect supplies the heart and soul of democracy. When respect is denied to anyone, we all are injured. Time Banking honors the unique gifts, talents and resources that each of us has to share, regardless of age, employment or ethnic background.

Our Projects
      The Arroyo Time Bank pioneers and supports several community-wide projects to fit the needs of our diverse community. These include the following: the Neighborhood Fruit Picking Project, the Altadena Urban Farmer’s Market, and the Neighborhood Resilience Project at the Armory’s Madison Casita.

For more information on Arroyo Time Bank events, projects, and for instructions on how to join, please visit the Arroyo Time Bank website  AND, Arroyo Time Bank members are now eligible to join PFCU!